Winter snow comparison

Winter finally reaches the Alps

After witnessing Athens in the snow last week, it seems that winter has decided to visit the more regular winter playground of the Alps. These above images are both photographed on part of the Tour de l’Argentine, separated by just two weeks. We couldn’t believe the trail conditions when able to run the complete Tour circuit on the 29th December (side note: our dog enjoys incredible walks). It’s the second year that we’ve had to remain patient for the first significant snowfall, but to be running across 2000m Cols in December was incredible to witness. The Tour de l’Argentine is a beautiful circuit, situated just outside the resort of Villars-sur-Ollon. You can see from the image below that even at the end of December there was literally no natural snow in the Valley.

Trail running around the Tour de l'Argentine

Within two weeks of completing the tour on foot, the landscape has changed dramatically. The snow has brought much needed relief to the resorts that have remained ghost towns until now. Cars were buried around the town and the 1m of fresh snow lead to a lot of whooping and cheering as we lapped the trees in Les Diablerets, armed just with my phone for a camera (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge). I’m starting to enjoy the integration between Google Photos and Android phones, with me having fun capturing a lot more images and videos than previous.

Photographing skiing in winter with Samsung Galaxy s7

A winter focused on ski touring

It was fun to ride the lifts for a day, but a Sunday spent ski touring is what I love best. The trail running options that we enjoyed two weeks ago are now firmly closed, with skis replacing the trainers to get the vertical climb in now. Solalex is a little alpine hamlet that offers not only the best Fondue in the region, but also some beautiful trails in and around the trees. It was great to get that first weekend in the snow, but with a dry and extremely cold patch now on the horizon i’m sure there could be some other twists to this winter.

Winter ski tour around the Tour de l'Argentine

Ski touring in winter around the Tour de l'Argentine

Ski touring in winter around the hamlet of Anzeinde

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